These are
what we do day to day

We're all about the idea that different design realms aren't siloed off, but they mesh together and play off each other. That's why our team is a mix of folks from all kinds of backgrounds. Their vibrant, experimental mindset is what fuels those out-of-the-box, sometimes 'wild' ideas.
We love to work on tasks that require an overall creative approach. But we also do prototyping and small-scale implementation when we get up from the computer, so the list doesn't end there.

Brand identity

We care about you and your company’s visual identity as much as you do. Let’s get to know each other and let’s work out together what kind of image suits you and your company best!

Wall decoration

One of our favourites to this day is wall decoration, or PimpMyWall. We’ve now become market leaders in the genre, helping companies like Tata, Viacom, LogMeIn and (Kirowski) Isobar decorate their workplaces.

Interior design

Almost half of our team are architects. Although we wander boldly and routinely in the world of 2D, part of our hearts is drawn to our chosen profession, the creation of spaces. As interior designers, our goal is to make the building what it should truly be for you – a fantastic experience!


Digital interfaces are diverse and integral components of any individual or brand’s identity, personality, and communication. Come join us and let’s build your online empire together!

Need some creative
brains or skilled hands?

Need some creative
brains or skilled hands?